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02-12-2013, 06:14 PM
Mods, I hope this is okay, if not please remove it. I have no affiliation with the book or author, but did find a tremendous value in reading it.

The book is the Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman. Basically, he did all the research to produce an MBA program that you can do on your own without attending school. His book is the one I've read and it covers all the bases, but every year he updates his list of the 100 books he believes you should read to get the equivalent of an MBA education yourself.

Kaufman normally charges for his seminars, but this Thursday and Friday he is doing an online seminar for free that you can "attend". I have already signed up. There is no catch or gimmick, and I expect it to be exceptional. It runs from 0900-1600 Thursday and Friday, California time.

Here is the link: