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the german officer
01-16-2004, 05:17 PM
Hello everybody,

it's my first visit in this forum. I come from Berlin/Germany and I'm a police man there. I have a wonderfull wife and two childs, a boy and a girl. So far to my person.

I'm looking for a light mount for my duty gun. It's a SIG 225. I know that it' s an old one but I can't change it. It's not allowed to buy a duty gun by myself. Every police man has the same gun. I wish the department would purchase new guns but there is no money for this. Now I need a light for it. I have a surefire 6P. Can somebody tell me where can I buy a Q2S for the mag bottom for my SIG 225? In Germany it is impossible to get this or other light mounts. It's not legal to assamble a gun and a lamp or a gun and a laser. But I dont like to hold the lamp wiht my other hand.

01-24-2004, 03:27 PM
If you try Botachtactical.com I believe you should be able to find that gizmo. How about mounting a a surefire weapon light to the frame?

How do you like the 225, you said I wish they would buy new guns, what is the chief complaint? amount of rounds? I really like the way the 225 feels and shoots. But also in my situation amopunt of rounds is a factor.

Hope you find what you need.