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01-13-2004, 06:57 AM
Long ago, in my "back to the past" days, I bought a Duluth Pack for camping. It was too big for traipsing through the woods, but it is built like a tank and looks good.

Recently, DT has moved away from building packs and is supplying more mundane items; a move I'm guessing has to do with profitability.

Regardless of motives, they now have a line of clothes that is very well put together and serves, I feel, better than the Royal Robbins style.

In particular, I would draw your attention to the Skillers pants, as well as the Firehose pants. Both are very heavily built and have pockets galore. The Skillers pants even have kneepad pockets built in and come with pads. (note: the reverse slash on the front pockets is to allow the hand access when you have to reach across your body to get something from the other pocket)

The selection of vests and jackets are equally well designed (what mall ninja wouldn't love to have that Force Nine jacket? Cool name and plenty of pockets). I haven't tried the Skillers vest, but it does look to be adaptable for IDPA and concealed carry, though a lot depends on your build.

For shooting gloves, I really fell in love with the DT Talon Carpenter's Glove. The three-finger design keeps your hand warm but allows you to manipulate your weapons trigger, mag release and safety with sureity.

Sadly, a lot of their clothing does not come in tactical black. I would remind folks, however, that black doesn't always blend in to the surroundings and the biggest part of being tactical is blending in. You don't think ninjas went around all day in their black pajamas and split-toe boots, do you?

If you get the chance and want to shop at a "different" store, look them up on the web. The only downside I've seen is that their illustrations are in the quaint "painted picture" style and not a good clear photograph. I guess some things just haven't progressed...


01-13-2004, 08:09 PM
VaughnT is this a subsidiary of the main company?

The original Duluth packs (named for their home in Minn.) are located at www.duluthpack.com and list their address as Minnesota. Those packs are the stuff :) As you mentioned they are not much for trail running, but they were originally designed as an expedition pack for use in a canoe (all those lakes in Minn, I guess). They work great if your campsite is accessible by stream or horseback.

Duluth Trading Co is, I thought, a stock-it-all discount outdoor place like Cheaper Than Dirt, and they are located in Wisconsin. I did check out the stuff - Skillers is a workwear company like Carhartt. The pants are made of the same rough cordura that Carhartt's coveralls are. Their website is www.skillers.com and the pants are available in black now. It was just added to their line so some places may not be stocking it yet.

Don't mean to rain on your post, just trying to clear up some confusion. No offense I hope.

David B
01-14-2004, 09:58 AM
I recently purchased a long sleeve and short sleeve pocket tee shirt from Duluth. The quality is good and best of all, the shirt tails are long enough for me to wear a belt holster. I am long in the waist and most tee shirts arent quite long enough.

David B

01-14-2004, 03:48 PM
Garrett, you're the second person to bring up the discrepency. I was completely unaware of the situation. I find it very interesting that both companies use the same format for their catalogs and wonder why duluth pack isn't sending me their mailings anymore. That Nessmuck Pack looks very nice, indeed.

Regardless, no offense taken. I'm glad to see that the pack makers are still going strong and hope that they will one day make hiking packs in the more modern style. Is it too much to ask for a Lightfighter RAID pack in canvas and leather?

Gotta admit, though, the DT gear is very nice and well built. The firehose pants are definitely tough and would do well for anyone that was heading to thunder ranch or the like. I like mine and hope they come out in another color soon. I'll have to look into the skiller's pants in black. Thanks for the link.

David, I have some of their long-tail tees and really like the cut and fit. No more plumber's crack for me!! :)

01-15-2004, 02:06 PM
Lots of good, tough gear at Duluth. Their tool bags make heavy duty good range bags.