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  1. Motorola MTX8250 LS -??
  2. Civilian Open Carrying Encounters
  3. 2011 Survival Courses and Updates
  4. Backpacker Magazine October Survival Issue
  5. Urban Survival not E&E?
  6. Avoiding natural poisonous plants & animals
  7. This item IS NOT a suicide vest!!!
  8. Anchoring shots....
  9. The Civilian Contractor Casualty Accountability Project
  10. USMLM History DVD available
  11. Bullpup Crime Stopper (Good Story)
  12. Pictures of your LBE
  13. Three Point Slings
  14. Spike TV Concealed Carry School
  15. Steiners Death Dealers Manual
  16. Intell Report: Examining Lone Shooters And Small Unit Tactics
  17. TSD - Combat Medic Bag (CMB)
  18. Another radar station defense tip:
  19. History Channel's "Dogfights" on Hulu
  20. Hostage situation
  21. Compass work question
  22. Protecting Arabs /Muslims
  23. Former Stasi Cryptographers Develop Technologies for NATO
  24. Here is one for you.....
  25. Brazil Trip (Anthony input please)
  26. Not a 'what if,' this happened yesterday
  27. Man not guilty in double murder.
  28. Machete question
  29. Footwear for the Wild Places
  30. Desert Survival Course, November 5-7, Arizona
  31. Oct 7, 1780 Battle of King's Mountain
  32. Defense of a Fixed Position
  33. Defense of a Fixed Position
  34. Got Lucky or They Got Lucky
  35. Noticed this
  36. When I got mugged.
  37. Another new guy to PSD
  38. It could have been worse
  39. getting into the winter spirit
  40. Colorado Training Group Fall Patrol Class AAR
  41. What should I have done?
  42. Need some info
  43. Father robbed and almost killed
  44. esee cutlery
  45. Who actually trains team tactics?
  46. A Comprehensive Small Arms Manual
  47. So you think Earp was a bad ass
  48. Expect the Unexpected
  49. Rattlesnake bite photos-Graphic!
  50. Chest Rig Holster - The Eleazar
  51. Filthy Thirteen
  52. Strange Car in my sister's driveway
  53. All for a purse
  54. Bus Fight: How Do You Respond?
  55. High Risk Operator Training - Prescott - December
  56. Drake shoot
  57. NRA Special events station
  58. Free Online Survival Resources
  59. AK-47 or M-4 for PSD
  60. FCC license for two-way radios?
  61. Someone tried to get into my apartment
  62. Costa Rica- Tactical Knife/Jungle Skills, Jan 13-18
  63. Desert Survival DVD is Ready!
  64. Pop Quiz!
  65. Interesting Experience - Near Encounter on Sidewalk
  66. Shoot - No Shoot Scenerio
  67. I called in sick and missed a gunfight.
  68. German WW2 Sharpshooting Training Film
  69. Here is a good one!
  70. Airport insecurity
  71. Pouches To Go On Your Armor
  72. Home Invasion in Ensley, AL.
  73. One for the good guys!
  74. Facebook Warning !
  75. Attack on Foreign Aid Workers
  76. Do you trust your dog?
  77. Monster Hitman: kit containers
  78. Wool blanket recommendations?
  79. Chasing the hoods from your hood!
  80. Church Security - Lights on or off?
  81. Gas Station Tactics - and what's the deal with hoodlums "selling steaks"?
  82. Whats on your list.....
  83. Note to self: Move the rover pocket pistol to coat pocket for car travel.
  84. "Tactical" HT?
  85. WNC Training: Sunday, December 5, 2010
  86. Marine Corps Manuals
  87. Attack on Liquor Store in Dagestan
  88. Video: Purse Snatch
  89. Do you wear Body Armor to the range?
  90. Most Desparate
  91. Remembering the Lakewood Four
  92. Case for surveillance cameras...
  93. Could you shoot your own son?
  94. The Battle of Elder Avenue
  95. Small Unit Dominance (article, MG (Ret) Scales
  96. Hiding weapons from potential theft
  97. Wilderness Survival / Bushcraft injuries???
  98. The seemingly endless perils of law enforcement work
  99. Mitch Paige on Guadalcanal
  100. How to act instantly without thinking?
  101. Cop gets drawn on and gets lucky before his GOTX
  102. Traveling with only one gun
  103. Quiz Question
  104. Dealing with Monday Morning Quarterbacks
  105. Best suit brands for PSD work?
  106. ANALYSIS: Video of tanning salon patron overcoming an armed killer
  107. Bowsaw and Axe recommendation
  108. One more incident which demonstrates the power of surprise (read concealed)
  109. Interstate highway road rage incident: man pulls shotgun on another
  110. Crazy Tactics that worked
  111. Phoenix beer heist turns into shootout
  112. A Wierd Visit to the Grocery Store
  113. Conflict avoided?
  114. The Bagpiper of Sword Beach
  115. Just Released - Tony's Desert Survival DVD
  116. Skeletons on the Zahara- book review
  117. Info on SOC
  118. WPS training
  119. Desert Survival Class, Scottsdale Gun Club, Jan 15
  120. Video: Texas Clerk Gets in Gunfight With Robbers
  121. Nashville restaurant take-over robbery no resistance, no shooting = 40 patrons!
  122. Permanent primitive shelter questions
  123. John's Long Moustache (Redux)
  124. Party/riot
  125. Controlling Emotion
  126. Military Survival Course- Open Enrollment
  127. Willerness Survival Course, Marianna, Florida, Feb 25-27
  128. Scottevest Jacket for deep cover EDC
  129. Road Rage
  130. Pr. George's officer loans cruiser to criminal imitating police, officials say
  131. Man was shot trying to invade Prince George's home, police say
  132. Bear Grylls!!!
  133. Housesitting through potential "obituary burglary"
  134. Police officer killed in NJ
  135. Do you carry everywhere? What about when you are golfing?
  136. Surviving an Unexpected Night Out
  137. Please Check My Post, Opinions Needed Merged
  138. Thugs posing as policemen
  139. How not to get shot while trying to help
  140. Question about disaster preparedness
  141. "The Long Walk" made into a movie
  142. Fight At The IHOP
  143. Tac Outer Carrier Armor Question
  144. Is the gun-mounted-light an asset or a...
  145. Stuck in the snow
  146. Question about EPI
  147. Released video of an attack on a Detroit PD station.
  148. Maryland Bank Robber Shot DEAD
  149. Emergency Zippo Fuel
  150. SURPAT Camo - Group Buy?
  151. The banzai charge is NOT DEAD!
  152. Mexican drug war shootout video...
  153. How would you have dealt with this scenario?
  154. What if multiple enemies has Class III weapons vs my MAK 90 variant
  155. The More you Know the Less you Need
  156. Gun vs. Impact weapon, MT style.
  157. Family Planning the Combined Arms Theory
  158. Now vs. later:
  159. Home invasion in my A/O
  160. Book Question- The Art of High Risk Entry
  161. New Survival School in Arkansas
  162. Ambush in Thailand - Drive By
  163. Kim Family Trip Turns Deadly
  164. Small Wars Journal
  165. 2 students die after rappelling into waterfall
  166. US Marshal killed
  167. Personal armor transport/carrying/storage suggestions!
  168. Three German soldiers killed by Afghan soldier
  169. make my day bystander fought robbers
  170. Montana Traffic stop turns ugly!
  171. Info about PSD
  172. 1973 Arab Israeli War (Yom Kippur War)
  173. Lonesome Dove
  174. Off-Duty Wake up Call
  175. Will to Live: Dispatches from the Edge of Survival by Les Stroud
  176. Use A Compass And Get Lost
  177. Close shave
  178. Info on WPPS with DoS
  179. Advice Needed - Encounter with drugged felon in front of school
  180. An endorsement of the 9mm
  181. Essential Desert Garb and Gear
  182. 6 Meter vs 2 Meter HT Range
  183. Should Morse Code be consered a desirable HRO skill.
  184. 2-Day Knife-Only Survival Course, April 30-May 1, Flagstaff, AZ
  185. Desert Survival Fieldcourse, May 6-8, Arizona
  186. When It Hits Close To Home
  187. You're with a friend(s) when it happens...
  188. Solid advice in a dwindling market for operators?
  189. Guerrilla warfare in urban setting
  190. Guerrilla warefare in rual enviornment
  191. Best AZ desert boots?
  192. RC shooting platforms and UAV's & UGV's
  193. A Break in while you're sleeping
  194. Alone in The Wilderness YouTube
  195. Question on Use of Deadly Force
  196. Shooting in Gilbert, AZ witnessed by in-laws at close range
  197. Modern Pioneer?
  198. Question about WHEN to 'go to guns.'
  199. Enemy at the Gates
  200. G & A Tactical Scenario
  201. McDonald's Fight - Get Involved?
  202. Man picking up toddler shot & killed by wife's crazy patient (TX)
  203. Getting Involved
  204. Dog Mauling - Here's one to get involved in!
  205. Cache items
  206. Electrolyte Replacement Powders/Drinks to Prevent Hyponatremia
  207. Took my son "Airsofting"
  208. Pmc/psd
  209. Has anyone attended WPS III?
  210. Almost runned over in a walmart parkinglot (1999)
  211. What to prepare for?
  212. Houston Waffle House robbery
  213. Columbine Anniversary (Radio Traffic)
  214. Having to think hard Saturday...real world vs. range scenarios
  215. Question on Lara Logan Attack in Egypt
  216. What would you do if suicide attack happens?
  217. Home defense. What do you do that noone else does?
  218. New Survival Courses Listed for 2011
  219. My bad experience yesterday
  220. Backyard Intruder Question...
  221. In Florida, Criminals Pose as Police More Frequently and for More Violent Ends
  222. Protecting your car
  223. "Active Shooter on Campus" video -- actually useful.
  224. Tasers, got certified now thinking about carrying one. I think everyone should!
  225. A testimonial to the need for stituational awareness -- beware the local thugs.
  226. Survival & Evasion Course, August 26-28, Flagstaff, AZ
  227. 12 Gage and it's uses
  228. Store clerk fires back after robber's gun doesn't go off
  229. Columbia, SC Papa John's general manager murdered by 5 armed robbers
  230. Mil vet turns away broad daylight mob rampage with rifle (KC, MO)
  231. Lucky to be alive after this bad situation ...
  232. The second before the fight begins ??
  233. Here's where Zero to Five Feet Pistol Gunfighting comes in...
  234. Chest rig holster advise for a G19
  235. What do you keep in vehicle? Anyone carry aainst policy?
  236. The XO's weird interaction today.
  237. Not Lethal; What Would You Do?
  238. Are bullet proof vests the new ghetto dress trend?
  239. Urban Survival Class AAR
  240. Too close to home
  241. 'I don't have anything you want' really takes the wind out of their sails!
  242. Hypothetical
  243. Do the police confiscate your gun if you use it to justifiably kill a home invader?
  244. Warrior Children and the Defensive Blade
  245. Road rage: barefoot man kicks in windshield and tries to git driver, drives off (OR)
  246. Getting out of the city during unrest
  247. all of the signs
  248. How Many Rounds Should Someone Store for "Go To" Weapons?
  249. G&A Tactical Scenario: Robbery Gone Bad
  250. List Your Loadout