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  1. Jerry ( Mad Dog ) Shriver SOF edition
  2. Learning From the Real Battle of Algiers
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Deputy saved by carrying weapon at home
  5. German WWII 'One Man, One Tank' Award - Info?
  6. Range on MURS Radios
  7. Pan Handler Killed - Use of Force Question
  8. news & sitreps vs defensive posture
  9. videos for your mom
  10. I made fire from ice
  11. Mobile Hit in RSA
  12. VA Tech coffee shop attack - what would you do?
  13. Fog
  14. Car broken into, gun stolen.
  15. Iraq to Deny New License To Blackwater Security Firm
  16. Scenario: squad car cop:
  17. Bizarre Variation on Carjacking- what would you do?
  18. N.Y. Cab Driver Pursuing Fare Beater Mistakenly Beaten by Good Samaritans
  19. Team GOTX
  20. Pharmacy Shooting, New Smyrna FL
  21. ghy thwarts home incasion in Tuscon - good video
  22. Afghan Tactics
  23. The PKM Machine Gun - DVD
  24. Making Survival Cordage
  25. Interest in SUT for APRIL?
  26. Options & Ideas
  27. What street gang do you consider to be most combat-effective?
  28. Ray Floro knife fighting system
  29. Boy, 11, Allegedly Used 'Youth Gun' in Killing
  30. Just WIN BABY!!
  31. Phoenix AZ now Gorund Zero in the Mex Drug Wars
  32. Gabe's "Dry Fire Practice" Routine?
  33. Pancho Villa
  34. 2,000 Guns a Day into Mexico from US Gun Dealers? Say what!
  35. Shooting in Southern Alabama
  36. Keep alert, guys.
  37. A problem I need help with
  38. The Shangani Patrol:
  39. Good Deal or Not ??
  40. Verbal warnings
  41. You need a Gas mask!
  42. Simple Scenario
  43. Houston Rockets Carl Landry shot
  44. Patrol Tactics - Afghanistan
  45. Something a little different last night
  46. My Tactical Mistake(s) Last Night
  47. Armed Citizen Shoots & Kills Armed Robber
  48. Nevada Big Source for Illegal AKs! ATF Does Nothing!
  49. Gabe's "Why you need a rifle" article, and the "why you need training THIS YEAR"
  50. Unfolding Tactical situation:
  51. Daily warrior training routine
  52. Jewelry store robbery video
  53. Wlaking into Cabela's today...
  54. Fish in "danger" zone.
  55. Man walks in on burglery, now missing
  56. Can You Shoot Holdup Guy With His Daughter?
  57. Las Vegas Pawn Shop Owner Charged With Murder for Shooting Unarmed Thief!
  58. Have you trained this scenario, if so please share
  59. Should CCW People Comply Or Resist A Robbery
  60. What situations?
  61. Better Your Anti-Aircraft Machine While You Can!
  62. Better Get Your Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun While You Can!
  63. scanner info
  64. Handgun or AK to Repel Home Invasions by Drug Thugs ?
  65. Knock at the Door
  66. School "Lock-down" vs "Evacuation" during active shooter
  67. Fight Club Attack! What to Do?
  68. Interesting Video About a Modern Real Life Gunfighter
  69. Armed Robber vs Machette
  70. Looking for a good rain cape/poncho
  71. "Mantracker" show on SCI
  72. Dealing With Multiple Attackers
  73. What is the true effect of firing a 120mm Abrams gun?
  74. Planning for church shooting
  75. Mall Parking Lot, Yesterday
  76. Scenario: Active Shooter, Good Guys Down
  77. Please help me get this right
  78. Beaten and assaulted
  79. dog attack at gas station
  80. Book or DVD recommendations on the subject???
  81. Question about a guard tower
  82. Executive Protection Training
  83. Albert Sieber Chief of Scouts
  84. Operational Details of Hariri Bombing
  85. Would like Opinions and Citations
  86. Pistol, Shotgun, or Rifle?
  87. Questions/thoughts on 1 man and his rifle
  88. You are at the range...
  89. What's The Worst That Could Happen (G20 Summit)?
  90. Oklahoma City druggist shoots thug as he lies on the floor five times during robbery
  91. Two Scenarios - both GTG
  92. Dagestan Interior Minister killed by Snipers
  93. "What if" Tea Partiers vs ACORN Rent a mob..
  94. SERE kit/E&E Set-up, what do Military Pilots carry...what would you carry?
  95. Night navigation in a forested swamp
  96. Moving to the right
  97. Institute of Protection Specialists & Security Contractors
  98. Micheal Wittmann:
  99. Convenience Store Clerk Shot & Killed Ė Hey, No Big Deal
  100. Guy's in Oregon...........
  101. TTPs to ID your fellow mates...
  102. Worker Killed at Denny's
  103. Impressions of event.
  104. Practical Rifle Deployment
  105. Caught in a shootout at McDonalds
  106. governments and zip guns
  107. Still On, the Gathering
  108. How do YOU enter your own home
  109. Neck Knife Survival Kit
  110. Many thanks Gabe!!
  111. Two Areas of Study
  112. Complete Survivor Course
  113. Jewler shoots 2 would-be robbers
  114. Mob Attacks
  115. Where to begin?
  116. multi-dimensional preparedness and survival-deficiency
  117. Cobb on War
  118. Will history repeat itself in Afghanistan?
  119. True or False Question:
  120. Free Security Manual
  121. The Crusades -- Fact & Truth
  122. Vampire bugs
  123. Outdoor Survival & Knife Combat in Costa Rica - Jan 13-16, 2010
  124. Survival Fishing Kits
  125. Back Yard Manhunt - A Recap of My Weekend
  126. Magician nearly shanked with own knife
  127. November Hunting & Trapping Camp
  128. Slingshots for hunting
  129. Skate Rats and Gangster
  130. Friendly fire with Pepper Spray: Video
  131. Big thanks to Tony and Mike
  132. Signal Mirrors or Rescued In a Flash
  133. What to do with an intruder that you have disarmed and is now uncooperative
  134. Collection and Treatment of Drinking Water
  135. Yaesu vx-7r ------what do you think?
  136. Coping with Extreme Heat or How not to die in the desert
  137. Last Night - Attempted Home Invasion at my house!
  138. Personal Body Armor - ITAR Update
  139. Russian Snow Camo Detail pics...check it out.
  140. New Shihan Product
  141. Two Common Survival Myths
  142. Portable Sniper Gear...The 'Viper Hood' or 'Cobra Hood'??
  143. How do you load your tac vest/chest rig?
  144. You and a team of sheep
  145. Which tool would you choose?
  146. Anti Reflection Device For Binoculars
  147. You and a team of hard dudes.
  148. Holster for G19 on standard US military pistol belt?
  149. Surviving Disaster on Spike TV
  150. 'I.N.C.H.' Kits (I'm.Never.Coming.Home.)...whats in yours,or what would be in yours?
  151. 20 teenagers surround you with machetes (real story).
  152. Living Off the Land book
  153. Insect Repellent
  154. update on Houston doctor & home invasion - killers caught
  155. Eulls saves 22 lives from armed student
  156. Miltary Surplus Comm Gear
  157. Firefighters -We're Being Shot At!!!!
  158. Gear questions
  159. Do you have a plan? No, really, a PLAN.
  160. Survival Cheat Sheets
  161. Verbal confrntation
  162. Comm tests/ WT comm net
  163. Emergency Comms link
  164. SERE school on Hulu
  165. Baltimore Police: College Student Kills Intruder With Sword
  166. Armed robbery at hotel incident
  167. Operation Market Garden - 65 Years Ago
  168. Question about S.U.T. drills
  169. Getting off the X: Early America Style
  170. HRO-1 vs SUT-1
  171. Going in for coffee
  172. Guerilla Anti Material
  173. Suspicious men in my woods
  174. 2 Men Killed Execution-Style at Mexican Beach Resort
  175. SOF on SS CAT teams.
  176. packing guns in heavy brush
  177. The need for fat in the long-term
  178. costa rica class in Jan
  179. fishing with In Costa Rica in Jan
  180. Thugs using universal garage door openers..
  181. Cattails- A Survivor's Best Friend
  182. Pmc
  183. Anatomy of a seige
  184. You get jumped while at home
  185. Three Gun training
  186. The Aaron Davis case.
  187. Home made gaiters
  188. Compasses and steel cased ammo
  189. The Insurgent - Chest Rig
  190. What is wrong with this picture?
  191. Tactical Landscaping
  192. Marek Edelman, RIP
  193. ATM Robbery in Cleveland
  194. SLEEP- a survival priority
  195. YouTube Survival Videos are done!!
  196. Costa Rica Class Jungle Skills Outline
  197. Donít bring a knife to a coffee fight
  198. "I'm your worst nightmare..."
  199. Scenario posted in a Craig's list AD!!!!!
  200. Mind Set - The DVD
  201. Trisquare radios
  202. survivability
  203. Commo Considerations with commercial gear
  204. A review of Tony's new book
  205. Machete Modifications tutorial Part One
  206. Mujahadeen tactics: soviet/afghan war
  207. A Living-Off-The-Land Starter Kit
  208. It almost happened to me...
  209. Hotel Shooting on Video
  210. What's a good wilderness GPS?
  211. calling mdwest
  212. K-12 school design for security
  213. Insurgent Slings At One Source!!
  214. World War 2 questions
  215. NYPD Stakeout Unit
  216. Las Vegas Police Officer shot and killed by three home invaders!
  217. Review of Surviving a Disaster
  218. Frankfurt Germany history
  219. practical guide to recon patrol
  220. "He's Stabbing Me!"
  221. Criminals have access to firepower too
  222. Gassing up
  223. Immersion Hypothermia Skills that can save a life
  224. Licensed Amateur Radio Operators Data Base
  225. Time to bring them in close, no matter what
  226. From Armed American Report - 174
  227. How many others are in your loop?
  228. What is your prefered coordinate system?
  229. Never forget
  230. VA Tech, 90 Minute Notification Wait
  231. Winter STorm in N. AZ
  232. How do YOU treat OC exposure?
  233. Bicycles in wartime
  234. Combat triad
  235. Shootout in the Sandwich Shop
  236. Security Planning of Rural Home
  237. Great online navigation tool
  238. Critique my response (dream related).
  239. operation galdio
  240. What ya gonna do when they come for you?
  241. restuarant robbery - what would you have done?
  242. Fairfax resident wounded in shootout with burglary suspect
  243. Rules of Engagement
  244. Terror at Mumbai part II
  245. Survival Knives
  246. Kneepads
  247. Home invader steals guns
  248. Icom 706MKIIG verses the Yeasu 897
  249. What are you going to do when they come for you (Govt. ban?)
  250. So, would you have gotten involved in this?