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  1. Man defeats 2 shotgun thugs with pistol - driveway attack (TX)
  2. 360 scan ?
  3. Friend and his pregnant wife attacked by dog
  4. Personal Defense TV/Tactical Impact
  5. 3AM – you hear something – do you grab a pistol or long gun?
  6. Mindset as Reflected on Other Gun Sites
  7. Be gentle
  8. Video of Multiple Attackers
  9. Rob Pincus on movement
  10. Home Invasion Shootout
  11. Motor Vehicles and Ballistic Performance
  12. Surefire 9AN Commander is a real stinker.
  13. **WARNING GRAPHIC ** El Paso Police Officer shoots 3 Armed robber ***GRAPHIC***
  14. Ameriglo Operator night sights
  15. What Suarez video for handgun "Retention"?
  16. European Police Firearms Training?
  17. Big Thanksgiving Training Course Sale !!
  18. After The Fight - What To Say?
  19. Jury duty
  20. Truck/car long arms
  21. Living Scared--article
  22. And Another One - The Modern American Gunfighter
  23. USMC "Concealment does not equal Cover" video
  24. Always Press-Check Before You Leave
  25. Development Of Training Courses
  26. Airports
  27. An excellent "what would you do" situation
  28. Bomb searching technique
  29. Video: 23 seconds of the Mexican drug war
  30. Church shooting, South Africa
  31. Gangsta Flashlight Technique
  32. Wow, so this is how they did it in 1909, England
  33. 90 sec full recharge
  34. using a ford fiesta?
  35. NVG training
  36. A Reminder: Nobody Can Be 'On' All The Time
  37. Umbrella Liability Insurance
  38. What would you choose?
  39. Segway Weapons Platform
  40. Firing from a moving vehicle
  41. Confrontations?
  42. Motorists/truckers shot from vehicle (Dallas area, TX)
  43. What is the correct action ??
  44. Dodge truck quad cab
  45. Taliban Target Children, Caught On Video
  46. Blade tech horizontal surefire pouch
  47. A Gunfight Worthy of Study
  48. Helmet mounted NVD question
  49. Fighting in inclimate weather
  50. 22 hits with .40
  51. Am I a Warrior?
  52. If You Spot Someone Else Carrying...
  53. This guy is a warrior!!!!
  54. "2-gun clerk" foils robbers, hits both (Houston)
  55. Video of FLA Subway Robbery
  56. Claims To Be The Fastest In The World
  57. Lone Woman Shoots Active Shooter
  58. Driver Training
  59. Novice Shooter vs Ferrel Pit Bull
  60. The Way of the Warrior
  61. Allow yourself to be disarmed?
  62. Should you practice after a few beers?
  63. Terralux Lightstar 220
  64. Is there any way ....
  65. The Rules of Gunfighting
  66. I know there are LEOS/EX LEOS here, your thoughts??
  67. Vehicle platforms (motorcycle/sidecar)
  68. Gimmick?
  69. HELP - Trip to DC & Area - NPE options
  70. Attack cues
  71. Surefire 3 WAT Light Fix
  72. Simple shoot-no shoot test online
  73. Police shooting (video)
  74. Interesting Artcle
  75. Weak hand draw
  76. A man in need of ECRG
  77. Firing long guns with helmet
  78. "Verbal Judo" to prevent the fight
  79. Another dumb thing I did....
  80. New Findings from the FBI about Cop Attackers & Their Weapons
  81. Clerk keeps her head, BG loses his...
  82. Canadian Police Chase Video
  83. Not the smartest response
  84. For those who think sighted fire won't work at close range
  85. Bravo Gabe
  86. Active shooter
  87. How much info do you give 911 operator?
  88. Question on Pistol v. Rifle
  89. How much info do you give the responding officers?
  90. A "Clean Shoot"
  91. Clerk opens fire on robbers – BG's shoot first though
  92. Finding an effective "Use of Force" attorney in your area.
  93. Interesting suggestion about clearing malfunctions
  94. From A Student.
  95. Bike and Longgun carry
  96. All This Killing
  97. Avops
  98. Holster Recommend
  99. Need some guidance/advise (carrying full time/use of force)
  100. Immigration Center Shooting Rampage
  101. Mass shootings, asking the wrong questions...as usual.
  102. How safe is your favorite shooting range?
  103. Body alarm reaction/adrenalin dump
  104. The Best Defense TV Flashlight
  105. Stopping Active Shooters Immediately
  106. Man in truck fired on, returns fire with rifle after stopping (TX)
  107. Couple robbed at gunpoint
  108. Dry Fire Practice
  109. Holiday Airsoft Wars
  110. The Quick Peek Technique and Active Shooters
  111. A deputy's life in ruin
  112. Practicing at home
  113. This guy had the right idea's.
  114. Close the zip
  115. Vehicle Gunfighting from Bulgaria
  116. RDS in low light?
  117. Always carry and not just for humans
  118. Close call, Thank God Almighty nothing unforgivable happened
  119. Convince me I don't need a thumb safety
  120. Suarez International in Phoenix
  121. How possible is a SHTF scenario?
  122. Young Buck v. "Gramps" - a study in mindset
  123. Good Story Out Of Georgia.
  124. Friend of WarriorTalk or not?
  125. when the BG sees you run "away"
  126. If you found yourself in an Active Shooter scenario...
  127. Flashbang grenades
  128. Video of Robbery/Shooting in Brazil
  129. Michigan CPL/CCW
  130. Used Russian Red Dot & Us Gi Nvg's Last Night
  131. Vehicles vs. Glock 21
  132. Mindset Videos
  133. Oklahoma pharmacy armed robbery...
  134. Shooting from a moving car
  135. Better than most...
  136. Ballistic/Tactical/"SWAT" Shield for Home Defense
  137. Excellent Articles - Concealed Carry Magazine
  138. Real combat story from Iraq.
  139. Fatal Takeover Robbery on Video
  140. Universal Principles
  141. Saturday, in the park
  142. Remaining Emotionally Detached...
  143. SWAT situation at my workplace today
  144. Vehicle Long gun
  145. Thoughts on upgrading from concealed carry handgun to discrete rifle
  146. Impact Weapons
  147. Laserlyte rear sight/laser combo
  148. Close Range Gunfighting Course?
  149. Speed vs Timing: Timing wins
  150. Question for Vince
  151. Detroit Bus Stop Shooting Caught On Video
  152. Gun grab
  153. Stress and its effects - a story from the first Gulf War
  154. Street robbers violently attack couple outside their motel room
  155. Need More Ammo
  156. Size matters
  157. Shootin At The U.s. Capitol
  158. O'Hare airport police
  159. Fixation on equipment and shooting instead the problem
  160. The Tactical Vehicle
  161. For the Combat experienced
  162. Off Duty LEO Shoots Three Robbers
  163. Perception, Intuition and Judgement
  164. An Interesting Self Defense Article
  165. Getting shot
  166. Thuggin it in Baton rouge
  167. Sparrow Hitman AIWB
  168. Armed Home Invasion Caught on Video
  169. Pistol Mounted Lights
  170. Miami firefight
  171. The Strategies of Low-Light Engagements
  172. Three shots, four hits
  173. Store Owner 4 Robbers 0
  174. Owner drills gun-waving BGs in his cellphone store (TX)
  175. Shopkeeper ‘didn’t want to shoot’ robbers
  176. Suarez International - Combat Pistol Instructor School
  177. Belt flashlight holder reccomendations
  178. Is Your House A Target?
  179. 6 Cops, 59 Shots, 43 Wounds, 1 Dead in Tenn.
  180. Another "don't bring a gun to a knife fight"
  181. Car Carry
  182. Long gun in vehicle - environment effects on ammo
  183. No charges anticipated for San Marcos resident who shot teens
  184. Okay, I'm convinced: two questions:
  185. NEW Combat Pistol Instructor Class - November 2010
  186. Read This - KWA Glock Airsoft
  187. What does banner say?
  188. Officer Arrested for Assault
  189. A New Standard in CCW Lights
  190. Ruger LCP, 6 Rounds of FMJ, and a GunFight
  191. Armed revenge
  192. AR15 class full??
  193. Physically Keeping the weapon in Battery?
  194. What would a Gladiator do with a Glock and an AK?
  195. DIY PEQ project.
  196. Banner day for shooting in Birmingham
  197. Stress Shooting
  198. Ground fighting with a pistol questions.
  199. So much could have been delt with on the spot, if 1 good american had a glock
  200. They're Here.......
  201. Exiting vehicle
  202. I guess it makes somebody safer...
  203. Training Session Observations
  204. Brazil’s Motorists Invest in Armor
  205. Nekkid woman jumps through car sunroof, attacks couple (LA)
  206. 15 year old FL boy set on fire by 5 classmates
  207. The Dumbest Self-defense advice you have ever heard...
  208. Night Vision Operations
  209. Aurora tactical question:
  210. 100 Gang Members At The Movie Theater
  211. open carry mistake
  212. Heat Seeker
  213. Inspired by work and ..off the X.. thread
  214. Clerk grabs gun from robber!
  215. Cat's Head is Out Of Bag - Mind Set DVD
  216. From The Firearm Blog:
  217. Question about CRG DVD malfunction drill
  218. Carry Flashlight
  219. Field Report on Life Saving Tool
  220. Change Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow
  221. Field Test
  222. Have a Gun -- the complete quote
  223. Warrior Skills Inventory
  224. Active Shooter at Gun Range
  225. Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?
  226. Trend of Gangs Videotaping Attacks
  227. Honing Situational Awareness
  228. Deadly Force, Offender- new FBI Study
  229. Friendly Fire
  230. Teaching Children
  231. Taking your own hostage ??
  232. Officer killed outside Birmingham, AL during traffic stop
  233. On The Washington Police Murders
  234. Combat Mindset - An Anecdote
  235. Weapon Retention Training
  236. Can a Warrior not Fly His Colors??
  237. Has Anyone Ever Heard of This?
  238. Pocket Carry As Primary Method Question
  239. Infidel Hoodie at Subway
  240. What cues do you pick up from a potential aggressors company?
  241. Jewelry store owner turns tables on robber
  242. Murphy T-shirt Drill
  243. What would you do?
  244. I don't understand their mindset
  245. Armored cars: Trouble magnet?
  246. Merry Christmas!
  247. Vehicle Bicycle-fighting
  248. Bringing a cell-phone to a gun fight.
  249. Proactive vs Reactive
  250. Binary Explosives Demonstration Video