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  1. Opsec
  2. NPE Improvised Weapons
  3. Possibly the best article on the warrior mindset
  4. Mindset, skills and equipment
  5. Don't Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight
  6. Appendix Carry
  7. CCW IWB holster worn on the hip
  8. Video of Car being used as a weapon.
  9. Glock with weapon light
  10. E&E vs Get Home kit
  11. Pre-planning a Mindset Defense
  12. Mission and weapons choice
  13. weapon light
  14. Can you shoot somebody you KNOW?
  15. The Gun Rights Mindset
  16. One in the chamber
  17. Dynamic Rifle Training - Steel Targets
  18. Where do you use "tradecraft"?
  19. Pinky shooting: one circumstance that calls for it.
  20. New Surefire G2 Led 120lm KX4 question
  21. M3 LED upgrade
  22. Defeating Technology
  23. Combat Fit 2 Dvd
  24. NYC's finest in gunfight
  25. I don’t care if you can shoot….
  26. Russian Mil. Sidecar "gunfighting" (???)
  27. Dynamic simulation training
  28. In the land of the blind - the one eyed man king
  29. An exploration into hesitation
  30. Digital night vision: Xenonics SuperVision, Yukon Ranger Pro
  31. Reasonably priced NV kit
  32. How traceable are handloads?
  33. Will and Infidel Shirt/Seatshirt Make Me More of a Target?
  34. CCW Vs Gun free zones
  35. Decision game.
  36. The weapon game
  37. Dual AIWB plus fixed blade knife? Please chime in.
  38. Opinion Share- Affect of Shooter games on mindset.
  39. you might think not having any arms would make shooting rather difficult
  40. Just thinking -- Weapon "toolbox", picking the right tool for the job
  41. Hiding being your family?
  42. Video: Mindset Failure
  43. Violence is Golden
  44. What is the AK47 of vehicles?
  45. Mental Attitude
  46. Nearest place to the US to find a Toyota Hilux
  47. Loss of eyesight in one eye (or more) and tactics?
  48. Cop Breaks Rule #3 and kills suspect by accident
  49. Two officers fire on backfiring van
  50. Went to Condition Red, Didn't Need to Go to Black
  51. Does Red light damage NVG?
  52. When to start shooting?
  53. Escaping Zip Ties
  55. The Purpose of Repetive and Boring Drills.
  56. The quick draw, How important is it? and who is it more important for?
  57. Most times, speed of draw is all u need
  58. Verbal Judo
  59. Training vs. Shooting
  60. Boyd's Lost Principles
  61. Night sightsights too bright?
  62. Tactical value of select fire weapons
  63. Fighting At Night - What Is Needed?
  64. The Other Half of Gunfighting: CQB
  65. One of the best "Situational Awareness" videos I have ever seen...
  66. Heat seeker
  67. Covering liability during training
  68. Should you just take that ass whipping?
  69. Closing a blocked gap?
  70. Night Vision 101: Link to a Primer Website on NV
  71. Night Vision thoughts and questions
  72. Spy counter spy?
  73. Civilian Focused Training
  74. When Beating Your Friends Is More Important Than Defeating Your Enemies
  75. It is better To Kill A Sacred Cow Than To Worship One
  76. Guy shoots himself with a Glock 18 17 Converted
  77. Calling the cops.
  78. Shooting Someone in the Back??? Justifiable?? When?
  79. Improvisation and Adversity Training
  80. Unintentional Discharges And Fingers On Triggers - Tell Us Stories
  81. What Do You Know?
  82. Why a Strobe function on a flashlight
  83. What can we learn?
  84. Glock Happy STicks - 33 Round Magazines
  85. Blue on Blue in Baltimore.
  86. Reaction time study
  87. Advanced Tactical Pistol Training for Close Protection Operators
  88. Modern-Day "Superheroes"?
  89. Glock 33 round magazines realistic?
  90. Range Safety, Combat Safety
  91. Cocked and Unlocked?
  92. 4 Detroit cops shot at precinct
  93. Laser pointer???
  94. Blind Men, Elephants, and The One-Eyed Man
  95. Lesson learned
  96. The Realities of an Attack
  97. G2X pro vs 6Px pro
  98. 14 Different Flashlight + Pistol Grips (aka "Techniques") on Video
  99. Sight Radius vs Concealability
  100. input on carrying two different handguns in different positions
  101. A Need For Speed?
  102. Matt's story
  103. Vehicle Tint
  104. Blinded by gun smoke/steam at night.
  105. Why - What - How and the Purpose We Share
  106. Back up gun on my duty belt
  107. Master-Class Shooter In Robbery/Gunfight
  108. New night vision devices at OST. Are these the Gabe tested and approved ones?
  109. Training with a 22lr upper - good or bad?
  110. Any experience with auto glass protective films?
  111. The Reason Why I Train...........
  112. New FDA Regs- Eye Safe Class I IR Lasers
  113. Using your thumb to hold a handgun in battry for contact work
  114. “No man ever steps in the same river twice..." a twist on the blind men/ elephant.
  115. The anti-head shot (with handguns, that is) crowd.
  116. What is the matter with people?
  117. Headshot train it or eliminate it?
  118. Training LIKE the Enemy . . .
  119. 3 one shot 9mm shootings in a month
  120. Putting Too Much Faith In What You Can Do Well
  121. Training drills-
  122. Going to Las Vegas. Looking for advice
  123. why pistol grip is dominate
  124. Prioritizing gun purchases
  125. Which order to take targets?
  126. "Fighting" Bag Contents
  127. Monocular's
  128. Cover vs. Balance/Base
  129. Tactical Balls
  130. Have you trained your mindset to kill someone?
  131. Using the Slide Stop when reloading?
  132. Slide stops, slingshots and overhands
  133. cross draw vs. AIWB
  134. Competition Stuff that will get You Killed
  135. Real World Stuff That Will Kill Your Time in Competition
  136. Issue with Surefire Grip Switch Tac Lights - Force Science
  137. Support hand reload, primary hand useless.
  138. What is so EXTREME about Extreme Close Range Gunfighting?
  139. Handgun World Show Podcast 113 Can You Fight?
  140. Are you responsible for every shot?
  141. Streamlight Pro Tac PT2AA
  142. Example of Excellent Mindset
  143. Gear, how much is prudent and what makes your
  144. Over Trained to Defend in Court
  145. Battery options???
  146. hearing protection
  147. Gabe stole his curriculum from Lucas McCain!
  148. OK, I'll ask - What is it with the shooting in the air crap?
  149. SI Training someday in Wisconsin?
  150. Labels
  151. DIY Camo Dipping
  152. Streamlight M6X tactical light w/ laser for Glock-good with NV
  153. info about the us metascope
  154. The Universal Warrior Nightmare?
  155. Dropping to one knee vs. close-range contact? Really?
  156. Drake Shoot: Selous Scouts Tactic
  157. interesting police officer carry set up
  158. "You'll only be half as good as..."
  159. How many magazines
  160. 25 Years Ago: Miami Shootout
  161. Video surveillance gear tips?
  162. Gun safety rules vs reality
  163. Gotta Love It ! ! ! - 11yo Girl at the Shooting Range!
  164. what's the very best work out and fitness DVDs program?
  165. Known v. Unknown Room Entries: Providing some data to the "Great Debate"
  166. Gunfight/Murder Vid speaks for itself
  167. Aweful vid, but worth analisis
  168. Connundrum
  169. If you have a gun you don't need to train
  170. Are your primary weapon systems "high test" hot rods or practical?
  171. Fighting In Structures
  172. Un-trained/Weak Hand rig
  173. Bullet deflections
  174. .357 sig
  175. "Stopping Power"
  176. Fighting in Structures - Part 2: CQB Skills for Home Defense
  177. New member here.
  178. Interesting story of an attack.
  179. Frosty needs to do a Specialty Class!!!
  180. Furtive Movement Defense videos
  181. Good Tactics
  182. Throat Slash at Hospital
  183. Long range 100+ yards shooting with a Glock and J frame?
  184. Dangerous Demeanor Detector (aka D3 or D-Cube)
  185. "Warrior Mindset" and "The Will to Win": The Jared Reston Story
  186. true account of disorder in Argentina 2001
  187. How many loaded magazines do you keep at hand for home defense?
  188. 7.62 Russian & NATO SA Ammunition
  189. This article might be of interest...
  190. Number 13 - Thug Culture
  191. Link to video and news story about Miami shootout this weekend
  192. lets talk tactics
  193. Patterning Chaos
  194. Help with range supplies and ideas!
  195. Looking for Jeff
  196. Difference between mind function and brain function
  197. Pistol shooting with the weak hand
  198. New Member
  199. Interesting Tactic from the 1982 Falklands Conflict
  200. Tactical Readiness Drills
  201. MS-13 in Athens Tenn
  202. To all the shooters out there
  203. Vehicle fighting, tactics, gear, and info?
  204. TSD - Blade-Tech WRS RMR Equipped Glock 17 Tactical Holster System
  205. Something to think about
  206. the will to survive and prevail
  207. LEO Active Shooter response
  208. The Value of Pre-emptive Action
  209. Survival Mind Set
  210. Determining opportunity, ability, and intent
  211. The Draw, Muscle Memory and Mindset
  212. The Will To Win
  213. Gunfight in Coin Shop
  214. Do you become "Scary"?
  215. Time to open up the brain again.
  216. Poll: Have you taken or signed up for any gunfight classes this year?
  217. If you only think of saving yourself you will not fight well.
  218. Bed side Rifle/Shotgun preferred ready condition?
  219. Competition Shooting vs. Combat Shooting: Former DEVGRU Member's Article on it.
  220. Breaching Devices
  221. Selous Scouts Info?
  222. Another Mob Attack
  223. Experiential Knowledge vs Erudition
  224. Thanks Gabe for writing "The Flash Mob Attack - How To Defend?"
  225. Demonstrating the OODA loop
  226. Disturbing Mind Set
  227. How David Beats Goliath
  228. Gum chewers better gunfighters?
  229. A reminder to set your lines while it's quiet
  230. Low income housing
  231. The importance of properly maintaining your gear
  232. Bullet hole in car door at Gas Station
  233. Reaching in to the Suspects Vehicle While They're Still Inside
  234. The Fifty-Percent Trap
  235. Training group in Arkansas
  236. Avoiding the gamer trap
  237. First USPSA match
  238. Anatomy of a Philly Mob Attack
  239. When did your mind set?
  240. The Billy Blog and other unimportant info!
  241. Anyone game to explain "Pistol magazine retention according to SI?" ...
  242. Are nite sights necessary?
  243. Talk about having the will to win...
  244. Evidently theres a new game around...The" Knock Out" game...
  245. A story for Big c
  246. Ashamed of myself
  247. Another Big City Mob Attack
  248. "Welcome to Oklahoma."--Richard Smotherman, closing argument, State v. DiMaggio
  249. What to do with the Wife
  250. Aftermath of Bayview gun battle in San Francisco