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  1. The Warrior's Cross
  2. Pro Gun Churches?
  3. Brothers, I need your help...
  4. Col. Don Summers US Army Special Forces
  5. Luke 22:35-38
  6. Overcoming Fear
  7. now you see him, now you don't
  8. Realfighting.com's Newsletter
  9. Black and White...Or Grey?
  10. The Dark Ways Of Compromise
  11. What was Jesus like?
  12. Attributes of a Christian Warrior
  13. The Nature of Compassion
  14. Christian LEO's - Need advice.
  15. Christian Legislative Involvement
  16. A delemia in Church
  17. Struggling with something
  18. Thank you.
  19. The Imam shows his hand
  20. suarez logo?
  21. Witness Shirts
  22. A Message from a friend
  23. The Church Attacked in Third World
  24. Sheepdogs
  25. Carrying in church
  26. Religion of trainers
  27. Religion of Gun companies
  28. Mass. Court ruling
  29. Perverted judges destroying the family!
  30. WT my new home
  31. Biblical references for LE/Mil ministry...
  32. Be Alert!!
  33. Prayers Requested!
  34. State should not recognize church marriages
  35. The Purpose-Driven Life
  36. Lets take the Churh out of the state
  37. I hadn't read this before
  38. Mel Gibson's anticipated film 'The Passion'.
  39. Wild at Heart by John Eldredge
  40. France to ban some religious symbols
  41. The Folly Of Christian Pacifism
  42. Prayer For A Brother
  43. What are your thoughts on this?
  44. Merry Christmas
  45. My Rifle and Me
  46. Can A Christian Be A Liberal??
  47. Tolerance and Relativism
  48. $5,000 fine for a cap with a cross
  49. What's the difference between
  50. Vegetarians...Modern Pagans or what?
  51. Need Prayer
  52. Can Christians be SF's?
  53. Religion v. Training.....
  54. LDS church bans ccw
  55. Christians and Pride
  56. Jesus The Warrior
  57. Prophecy or not?
  58. The Loss of a Father
  59. on Christian Love vs......
  60. PTSD, Semi-passivism and Christianity
  61. When Your Faith Is Threatened, You Are Threatened
  62. Would you have been concerned or afraid?
  63. Religion ban
  64. Cowboys and the Imam
  65. Intell on Islam in The USA
  66. Good Muslims or Bad Muslims?
  67. Why the Christian Right is Wrong by Michael Peirce
  68. Who Killed Christ - Forwarded By A Student
  69. A Catholic's Dilemma
  70. Advice on Church Security Teams
  71. Why Do Some Spell GOD "G-d"?
  72. Where were the Christians when gay adoptions permitted?
  73. The Passion, who's going to go see it?
  74. Not all Jews are fighting "The Passion"
  75. Choosing Safety Team Members?
  76. A Biblical Call to Protect and Defend
  77. Rod Paige and the NEA
  78. The Passion
  79. How to get to Heaven
  80. Tribulation
  81. Finding a medium (not a spiritual one)
  82. Christian....losing ground
  83. Dying for Christ: A Worst Case Scenario
  84. What is the most important thing for a Christian to be doing?
  85. Deputy killed in the line of duty
  86. 40 Days of Purpose in Senate hands.
  87. Should islam be ban as terrorist organization?
  88. A Nation of spectators and wussies
  89. Prayers for a Christian Warrior going into combat
  90. Lord's Gym
  91. Warrior Church Groups?
  92. Justification For Church Security??
  93. preparations
  94. Worker who refuses to sign diversity agreement wins suit
  95. Real crucifixions in Philippines
  96. He Is Risen
  97. Evangelical Christians Reach Out To Muslims
  98. On being nice ?
  99. Help me with a name....
  100. Need prayers
  101. Woman Kidnapped from Church, Killed
  102. The Warrior Tradition In Christianity
  103. Christ and Non-resistance
  104. World War II Veteran needs your prayers
  105. Mayonnaise Jar
  106. Ministering to other shooters
  107. A kinder St. James (Santiago)
  108. The Transience Of Our Existence
  109. Religious, but still carry a concealed weapon?
  110. Beheading Video
  111. More From The Religion Of Peace
  112. The bible is hate speech - Canada
  113. The Clash Of Civilizations And The Great Caliphate
  114. Al-Zahawi - A What If
  115. So you kill Al-Zarqawi
  116. A study of Pacifism
  117. Christian Warrior NOT Mainstream
  118. My Father passed away last week
  119. Christians at work in Iraq
  120. Courageous Father
  121. Nice article re Bible and guns
  122. For Marines and Warriors on Memorial Day
  123. Glad i found this sight!
  124. Fathers
  125. Democrats Push for their homosexual agenda
  126. Prayers for wisdom and strenth
  127. Bible diet - reactions
  128. Terry Nichols and Jesus
  129. Your Christian Warrior heroes?
  130. World War II Memorial
  131. Renounce Jesus for Country?
  132. Will the West survive?
  133. Why Bother?
  134. Moonie reception
  135. Your Favorite Psalm
  136. Martial Arts? Christian
  137. Old Testament Shabbat and Warring
  138. Look into the mind of a zealot, and why the left hates Bush
  139. Has anyone read God is a Warrior?
  140. Apparel for the infidel!
  141. "Warrior Bible"
  142. Gun in Church
  143. A child is born
  144. Stonewall
  145. Inspirational passages
  146. Righteous anger/righteous killing
  147. Accept it or Do something?
  148. old testement VS. new (and outside sources)
  149. Collateral Damage?
  150. Warrior Retreat In Israel
  151. Prayer request please?
  152. Blessed be the flexible
  153. The 23rd Psalm???
  154. Apparal for the infidel - did you get your order?
  155. Avoid any/all secular counseling!!!
  156. Chaplain Charles J. Watters Medal of Honor Citation
  157. Wooh scary stuff guys!
  158. Questions
  159. Gunman Kill Three in Attack on Colombian Church
  160. Another request for prayers
  161. What was Paul thinking? Baptism for the dead. 1 Cor 15:29
  162. Christians and vendettas against terrorists
  163. Are "Avenging Angels" being summoned?
  164. The Islamic States of America?
  165. Would you ever vote for a Muslim?
  166. Biblical Improvised Weapons
  167. The Case for Christ
  168. Guns in Church - a rant
  169. The great sword
  170. 6 Battles Every Man Must Win
  171. The Life You've Always Wanted
  172. Prayer request
  173. Statement by brother of murdered British hostage
  174. Request for prayer
  175. Prayer: South African Amok member shot
  176. I need prayer warriors please!
  177. Kerry in trouble
  178. Prayer and George W. Bush
  179. UK Assassination Dreams
  180. A Christian Can Be a Christian or a Liberal, But He Canít Be Both
  181. Get out the vote rally with Sean Hannity in Dayton, Ohio
  182. What This Election Is Really About
  183. Prayer for bad weather
  184. Morals won the election for Bush
  185. Kerry Has Conceded
  186. Marines turn to God
  187. I like this Padre!!
  188. Muslim film - Reactions??
  189. How did you become a Christian warrior?
  190. From the firing line - Tongue safety
  191. A Question of Dogma? (or Choosing a Church)
  192. Spiritual Warfare - Rifle, Carbine, and Pistol
  193. It was a good day to be on God's payroll...
  194. Self Defense in the Bible
  195. Now Hitlery is one of us...
  196. Thank You!!!!!!
  197. Christian Warrior vs. servant leader
  198. Prayer for the War Fighters
  199. Prayer for Abby
  200. Thanksgiving On Thanksgiving
  201. Security in Churches
  202. Denominational Affilliations
  203. Festival of Purim; Happy Hanakuh
  204. A Prayer
  205. How to balance scripture teachings but remain tactically safe?
  206. Prayer for Sgt. Carey M. Gazewicz AKA "Gaz"
  207. Pointman Ministry International-Christ based for all Military Veterans
  208. get out the snippers. this is what they belive..
  209. On what basis do we take a life?
  210. Christmas
  211. George Bush and God
  212. An Email About The "Voting For Muslims Thread"
  213. A Great Christmas Story
  214. Re: Warrior Talk and Christmas
  215. Interview with God
  216. New baby girl
  217. What the heck is wrong with PC-USA?
  218. Looking To The Year
  219. Philadelphia Christians face prison for reading Bible in public
  220. God and "On line Gamer Anonymous"
  221. Help finding a church
  222. prayer for a brave young man
  223. My relationship with the Lord needs help.
  224. Fallen Hero - prayers up
  225. Some'n to ponder
  226. Has the Forum changed you
  227. Modern Day Warriorship
  228. Uncle needs Prayers
  229. FBI Goes To Church
  230. The Spanish Legionīs Creed.
  231. Thou shalt not kill...?
  232. Another attack on Christianity by American liberals
  233. Luther On Soldiering
  234. A Bible study on self-defense and arms
  235. Tunes with a message
  236. The 400 years between Malachi and Birth of Christ-What does it mean???
  237. Reloading - God - Us
  238. Comfort in Trouble from Recalling G-dís Might Deeds. Psalm 77
  239. Frustrated at those that don't listen.
  240. Favorite Gosple Songs
  241. Just saying hello!
  242. Need big time prayers!
  243. Christian Soldiering
  244. Church elders meeting
  245. How to set up an Emergency Lock Change Ministry
  246. I need input/perspective...
  247. The Ultimate Warrior
  249. The World is Wrong by Bill Perkins
  250. Benny Hinn on Dateline