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  1. Attention Southeast Texas SI Alumni
  2. Central Texas SI Alumni Gathering
  3. Who would be interested in a training group for the Central Alabama area...
  4. California (PRK)
  5. Ohio SI Alumni
  6. Any North Idaho/Spokane Memebers
  7. Oklahoma SI Alumni Group
  8. Kentucky Training Group (Open to S. Indiana/W. Ohio)
  9. Regional SI Alumni in Arkansas. Who's interested?
  10. North Georgia Regional Training Group
  11. Middle Georgia
  12. Seeking a range in Central Alabama area for training-group use
  13. Regional Training Groups
  14. NC SI ALUMNI Training Group Interest Check
  15. Illinois Group/Classes
  16. Alabama Training Group - It's progressing
  17. NoVA SI Alums... Inaugural Training Group
  18. PA training group interest
  19. Houston SI Alumni
  20. Phoenix and Arizona Training Group with Doug Little
  21. Missouri Regional Training Group
  22. October 22nd, 9am-12noon, 1st Southeast Regional SI Training Group meeting.
  23. October 30th, 9am-done [Initial Kentucky Regional Group Training]
  24. Houston/SE Texas SI Training Group with Jon Payne
  25. South Carolina Regional Training
  26. Tn/Ga/AL Training Group with Randy Harris
  27. Northern Utah Training Group in the works?
  28. South Carolina Training Group Event on January 8
  29. Albuquerque Area?
  30. Northern Utah Training Group
  31. Wisconsin training group(s).
  32. Long Range pistol workshop - PISTOL SNIPING!
  33. TN/GA/AL Training group
  34. Michigan Regional Rifle Training Group
  35. SE Regional Training Group - sometime early to mid-March - trolling for interest
  36. SI Alumni Training Day, June 24th 2012 , Winchester VA
  37. SI Alumni Training day August 18, 2012 Winchester, VA.
  38. DFW / North Texas Regional Training Group
  39. TN/GA/AL training group GET READY!!!!!!!!!!
  40. Anyone interested in forming a training group in MS?
  41. NC - SI Regional Training Group Training Day
  42. Feeler for Central Texas RTG- How about some knives?
  43. Michigan Regional Training Group (Pistol) Sept. 29
  44. Indiana Regional Training Group. Aug 11 Rochester
  45. Central Texas Regional Training Group - July 14th
  46. Utah Training Group - First Event! - Sept. 29, 2012
  47. Tn, ga, al group september 23!!!!!
  48. Michigan Training Group
  49. Michigan training group
  50. Utah Training Group AAR
  51. October NC SI Regional Training Group Training Day
  52. Central Texas Alumni Group - Need Input!
  53. Training for "older" citizens?
  54. TN, GA, AL Christmas training group?
  55. TN, GA, AL Christmas Training EXTRAVAGANZA!
  56. Indiana Regional Training Group March, 30 Rochester
  57. Interest in TN,AL,GA Training group for March 30?
  58. Interest in TN,GA,AL training day April 7?
  59. Tn,ga,al april 7 training day official announcement
  60. 2hr Pistol/H2H Class in WA
  61. Regional Training Group - Central Texas!! - July 13th in Liberty Hill
  62. TN, GA, AL Combatives Training day!!!
  63. Middle Ga precision rifle match OCT 12th 9am
  64. Texas Panhandle Groups.
  65. TN, GA, AL Training group DEC 8 !!!
  66. Central alabama
  67. Texas Alumni Training Group with Jon Payne
  68. TN/GA/AL April 6???
  69. TN/GA/AL Training group APRIL 6!
  70. Central Texas Regional Training Group - Knives or Guns?